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Marc Chagall

L’Ange-peintre au bouquet de

fleurs pour les Cramer


Pastel and ink drawing

10-1/2″ x 15-7/8″ (26.5 x 40.3 cm)

Marc Chagall (1887-1985), is considered one of the great masters of the School of Paris, acclaimed as a forerunner of Surrealism and an early pioneer of Modernism. In a career spanning more than 70 years, Chagall worked in virtually every artistic medium: painting, drawing, set design, ceramics, tapestries, engraving, pottery, sculpture and stained glass. Chagall’s work is grounded in his Jewish heritage and formative years in Belarus overflowing with Russian-Jewish iconography. It also reflects the turmoil surrounding World War II, the horrors experienced by the Jews and the artist’s own displacement.

Chagall’s artistic oeuvre and expressive lyricism is emotionally charged, full of rich imagery, and is profoundly thematic. The works are vibrant and powerful but also dreamlike and whimsical. The artist’s unique style incorporates elements of Cubism, Fauvism, Symbolism, and Surrealism, but defy definition or classification.

Marc Chagall became one of the few artists to receive a retrospective at the Louvre in Paris. Brandeis University awarded Chagall an honorary degree in Laws, the city of Jerusalem bestowed upon him the honor of the Yakir Yerushalayim (Worthy Citizen of Jerusalem) award and the government of France awarded Chagall its highest honor, the Grand-Croix de la Legion d’honneur (Grand Medal of the Legion of Honor).

Chagall’s body of work include large-scale commissions around the world: stained glass windows for Stain-Etienne Cathedral in Metz, France, the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, All Saint’s Church in Mainz, Germany, and the synagogue at the Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem along with tapestries for the Israeli Parliament in Jerusalem, ceiling frescoes for the Paris Opera House, and murals for the New York Metropolitan Opera.

Marc Chagall’s timeless masterpieces are a rich and inspirational legacy that continue to influence the world of 20th Century modern art.

Marc Zakharovich Chagall (Movsha Shagal) was born on July 7, 1887 in the village of Vitebsk, Belorussia. He was the oldest of nine children in a working-class Jewish family. His early experiences would influence him until the end of his career. Chagall moved to St. Petersburg where in 1907 he attended the imperial Society for the Protection of the Arts.

In 1910 he moved to Paris where he was exposed to Fauvism and Cubism and formed friendships with artists La Fresnaye, Delaunay, and Modigliani. His first one-man show in Herwarth Walden’s Der Sturm Gallery in Berlin established him as a leading artist.

Chagall returned home to Vitebsk and became director of the Vitebsk Academy of Arts. In 1920 he moved to Moscow and worked on set designs and painted panels for the avant-garde Jewish Theatre. In addition to painting, he continued to create visual engravings.

Chagall traveled extensively and settled in France despite the growing Nazi Anti-Semitism. At the invitation of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City he was able to bring his family to the US in 1941. His paintings were exhibited widely in New York, Chicago, and Paris and in 1946 the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City held a retrospective exhibition showcasing 40 years of the artist’s work.

Chagall returned to Paris in 1948 and finally settled in St. Paul de Vence. In addition to painting, Chagall explored a multitude of mediums including stained glass, ceramics, sculptures, mosaics, and tapestries. He designed sets and costumes for the ballet Daphne and Chloe at the Paris Opera. He was awarded numerous public commissions: stained glass windows in Metz, Hebrew University Synagogue and Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem, United Nations Headquarters, frescoes for the ceiling of the Opera House in Paris, and murals at the New York Metropolitan Opera.

Chagall’s works were exhibited at the Louvre and Petit Palais in Paris and he was one of only a few artists to have a retrospective at the Louvre in 1977. In that same year he created America Windows for America’s Bicentennial celebration in gratitude to America rescuing his family in WWII.

Marc Chagall died March 28, 1985 in St. Paul de Vence. Acknowledged as a pioneer of many artistic styes, he remains one of the most admired artists of the twentieth century. His rich legacy of work is celebrated worldwide.

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