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November 8 – January 21, 2013

Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art is proud to exhibit Acquainted with the Night, a resonating series of big and bold works on paper by eighty-year-old Howard Hodgkin, one of Britain’s most celebrated twentieth century artists.

Hodgkin has been creating prints for almost 60 years. His unique ability to cultivate a print with the physicality of a painting is unparalleled. With this series, Hodgkin has taken his lifetime of printmaking to new heights; these heavily hand-painted sugar-lift aquatints and carborundum reliefs are rich with surface texture and emboldened with luscious paint.

The works comprising Acquainted with the Night are poised and passionate. Energetic and emotive explosions of color upon paper dance with abstract elements. The artist’s expression exudes a confidence reflecting technical expertise, creative brilliance and artistic wisdom while embodying a playful and youthful spirit.