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Spend a day at Chris Pfister’s Wyoming home, and you will understand why the artist feels inspired by the timeless West. The views are expansive and spectacular: rolling, golden hills that seem infinite. Pfister’s functioning cattle ranch, east of Yellowstone National Park, also houses the artist’s studio, tucked inside an unassuming building on the property.


The location seems to suit the frontier style of the painter and New-York ex-pat, who enjoys a rustic life with his family—and who makes all his own paints and oils. He has spent decades perfecting his medium, working and re-working various oil mixtures in order to find the perfect consistency for each homemade pigment he uses.


Pfister’s latest flaxseed oil derived paints—his best yet—have taken on a new, more monochromatic palette. Black, brown, and grey predominate. Pfister’s evolving craft has dovetailed perfectly with his interest in archival pictures.


The following images are from Pfister’s studio and home-town in Wyoming.


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Chris Pfister’s Studio



Pfister in his Studio



A View of Pfister’s Studio from Outside



Pfister’s Oil Paints in Window Sill — in Front of Wyoming Vista



An Image of Pfister’s Homemade Paints



Pfister’s Brushes



View of Wyoming Road


Chris Pfister Backyard

Wyoming Scenery