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Randy Dudley

Desert Tramline


Graphite on paper

15-3/8″ x 20-34″ (39.1 x 52.7 cm)

Randy Dudley (born 1950) is an American Photorealist. His painstakingly rendered compositions depict scenes of post-industrial America, derelict and slowly yielding to natural deterioration. Dudley’s work is attuned to the beauty in these scenes that is often overlooked. His paintings capture clarity and resolution on a scale that is beyond the capabilities of most contemporary photographic equipment.

Randy Dudley graduated from Illinois State University in 1973 and earned his master’s degree in 1976 at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He had his first solo exhibition in 1976 in New York City at O.K. Harris Works of Art.


“These paintings are panoramic, realist views of the industrial landscape. The areas are often isolated and tend to have a long history of industry and manufacturing of one kind or another. This type of landscape, taking into account regional differences, can easily be seen in any number of places across the central and northeastern states, which have in the past been referred to as the rust belt.

This landscape suggests–through its layering and overlapping in debris, structures, and accumulated rubble–a visual record of the past and present. This synthesis of histories is what gives the landscape its vitality. Gone are the stockyards, tanneries, steel mills, and gasworks, replaced by numerous smaller concerns, all of which leave behind their traces to historic mix.

The industrial landscape, by virtue of its isolation seems to resist change. The same isolation creates a menacing and alien landscape to some. But the inherent beauty of reflected light and local color combine with a stillness that permeates everything, creating a unique and inspired environment.”

-Randy Dudley, from the book Photorealism in the Digital Age © 2013

Citation: Bernarducci, Frank, Harris, Elizabeth K., and Meisel, Louis K. Photorealism in the Digital Age. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, 2013.

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