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June 25 – August 28, 2015

Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art is pleased to present Important Works on Paper, featuring notable examples of Abstraction, Minimalism, Pop, and Photorealism.

The exhibition covers a vast array of expression upon one of the most essential, raw mediums: paper. This unforgiving surface honestly reveals the artist’s expertise in a unique way.

Important Works on Paper offers a variety of visual language including Wayne Thiebaud’s iconic and dramatic landscapes, Sam Francis’ vibrant explosions of color, Ralph Goings’ expertly painted reflections of light, and Jean Dubuffet’s rudimentary yet striking figuration.

The exhibition is comprised of paintings, drawings, monotypes, and editioned works. A wide range of mediums is featured including oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, glitter, charcoal, colored pencil, graphite, and collage.

On view are works by Wayne Thiebaud, Sam Francis, Jim Dine, Robert Motherwell, Roy Lichtenstein, John Cage, Sam Messenger, Jean Dubuffet, David Hockney, Howard Hodgkin, Paul Jenkins, Ralph Goings, Robert Bechtle, John Salt, Charles Bell, Randy Dudley, Elizabeth Patterson, and John Baeder.

Important Works on Paper will be on exhibit through August 28, 2015.

IMG_3591David Hockney – Road to Palm Springs

IMG_3592Jim Dine – Tricky Teeth

IMG_3608From Left to Right: Ralph Goings – Blueberry Pie, Jean Dubuffet – Vache aux deux Arbres, Ralph Goings – Napkin Box and Creamer, Wayne Thiebaud – Mountain Cloud, Sam Francis – Untitled (SF63-006), Robert Bechtle – 19th and Pennsylvania


IMG_3598Charles Bell – Tinker Toys and Clown



Roy Lichtenstein – View from the Window


Lichtenstein View from Window and Sam Messenger Veil from Ketos

Roy Lichtenstein next to Sam Messenger’s View from Ketos



From Left to Right: Howard Hodgkin – La Plume de ma Tante, Jim Dine – Hope, Sam Francis – Untitled (SFM78-171; SFM78-050)






IMG_3600Jim Dine – Hope


IMG_3601Howard Hodgkin – La Plume de ma Tante


IMG_3599Sam Francis – Untitled (SFM78-171; SFM78-050)


IMG_3604Sam Francis – Untitled (SFM81-144)


IMG_3606John Cage – (R3) (Where R=Ryoanji); R3 (Where R=Ryoanji)


IMG_3607Randy Dudley – Desert Tramline


IMG_3610Sam Francis – Untitled (SF74-860; SF76-1105A)


IMG_3612Elizabeth Patterson – Sepulveda Blvd., 5pm


IMG_3614Sam Messenger – Veil From Ketos


IMG_3615Robert Motherwell – Untitled (Phoenician Red) (M-76-2821)


John Baeder InstalledJohn Baeder – Shofar (top), Jim’s Diner (bottom)




Abstraction of John Cage, Robert Motherwell, and Sam Messenger [July 16, 2015]


Jean Dubuffet – Vache aux Deux Arbres [July 30, 2015]


Wayne Thiebaud – Mountain Clouds [August 3, 2015]


David Hockney – Road to Palm Springs [August 4, 2014]